an open universe game

Blockiverse is a single- and multiplayer 3D game. The goal of this project is to give players an universe, in which they can live and build everything, like they want.

Blockiverse, multiplayer, relationships Blockiverse, vehicles Blockiverse, village, villager

Free building system

Everything is buildable without limitation.

Vegetation and animals

There are a lot of different animals and kind of vegetation on different kind of planets.


The game also contains different vehicles, like airplanes and rockets, to travel faster.
Blockiverse, landscape, cave Blockiverse, landscape, floating Blockiverse, ocean

Global systems

It is possible to build systems, which consists of multiple parts e.g an electric system consists of steam engines, batteries and lamps.

Social systems

Players are able to interact with friendly ai's in a complex way.


Caves are waiting for players, which are brave enough to explore them.
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